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U-True Adjustable  -  19"-26" Unicycle Wheel Truing Stand

The U-True Adjustable is a very high quality, durable truing stand that allows you to true MULTIPLE sized unicycle wheels of 19", 24" and 26" sizes! With a similar design to the 

U-True 19, the only difference is that this truing stand can accomodate 24" and 26" wheels also, making it a great all round truing stand for the most popular sized wheels. With strong 3/4" Canadian maple plywood construction, stainless steel hardware, and a coat of lacquer to protect it all, you can't go wrong with this adjustable truing stand.


- Adjustable bearing supports to true either 19", 24" or 26" wheels (adjustable holes marked with sizes)

- Adjustable bearing support for truing wheels with different bearing spacing on the hub (wing-nuts on the bottom for easy adjustment)

- Well made bearing pockets that hug the bearings for a snug fit (bearing size 22/42/12)

- Well made lateral/radial truing gauge, made out of aluminum so it is easy to notice any wobble in the wheel you are truing

- A snug fit between the adjustable bearing support and the main support

- 3/4" Canadian maple plywood construction

- Stainless steel hardware

- All screws coutersunk for a clean and seamless look

- Detachable wheel supports for shipping and easier storage

- 100% handmade by the U-True team with over 6 years of woodworking experience

The U-True Adjustable isn't just great for truing wheels, it is also a great tool for building wheels. It can be put on your lap table to hold a hub securely while you lace a rim to it.

In the box:

- U-True Adjustable Unicycle Wheel Truing Stand (19",24" and 26" adjustability)

- Instructions with link to our You-Tube channel for a tutorial on how to true your wheel

If product is not in stock, we are busy making more truing stands.

Please allow up to 4 days before your truing stand is shipped.

Please contact us if you would like this product shipped anywhere outside of North 

America. We can surely do that for you!

We ship with Canada Post.

  • 24" Wheel on the stand
    24" Wheel on the stand
  • 19" Setting
    19" Setting
  • 24" Setting
    24" Setting
  • 26" Setting
    26" Setting
  • Adjustable Bearing Support
    Adjustable Bearing Support
24" Wheel on the stand
24" Wheel on the stand

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